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Introduction of campsite
usage fee
-camp site-

Site area

*​ We do not accept the designation of the location of A site and B site.


It is a free tent site for 20 lots.

There is no auto campsite, but the cooking ridgeIt is also possible to draw power from the cabin.

Since it is adjacent to the parking lot, it is easy to bring in luggage, and the cooking ridge with a water place and cooking table is also nearby.

In addition, we have a full lineup of rental items such as sleeping bags that are indispensable for camping, barbecue tables, chairs, charcoal, and grills.

Wrapped in the sun

Full outdoor

・ Site size Example) Site A-1  9m x 9m

              Site B-10 8m x 12m

Usage fee

Accommodation Camp 1 site 1 night 1,200 yen  (15: 00-11: 00)
Day camp​ 1 site  240 yen (11: 00-15: 00)

Use power supply once 560 yen

Beautification cooperation fee 200 yen per site  (Payment will be made to those who can dispose of garbage at the facility)


* The displayed amount includes consumption tax. (The price shown is after the tax increase on October 1st.)


・ The sites to be used are selected in order from the person who came.

(Note: The site is not specified or secured in advance)
Accommodation camp is check-in from 15:00, but if you pay 240 yen per site, it will be from 11:00

You can also go in as a day camp.

・ Those who can dispose of garbage at the facility will be charged 200 yen as a "beautification cooperation fee".

・ We will lend you an electric drum if you need it. (A usage fee of 560 yen will be charged per place per night for using the power supply)

※Prohibited matter※

・ Pets are allowed.

・ Loud music

・ Bonfires and fireworks on the park grounds (use of a bonfire is OK)

・ Acts that cause inconvenience to other customers.
・ Please be quiet after 21:00.

・ Equipped with seasonings, toiletries, towels, and pajamas

Please bring it as it is not attached.


・ From June 2020, the observation bath will be a new type of coronavirus.

It is closed to prevent infection. Currently in the neighborhood

Information on hot spring facilities.

Because the wind is strong from December to February, "day camp only"

  It will be used.

We may decline depending on the weather etc.

Please contact us in advance.


Cooking ridge

-Cooking ridge-

A water service, a kamado, and a cooking table are provided.

* No seasonings are provided.

So please bring it with you.


* Be sure to clean up after the fire.

Also, when the cooking ridge is crowded

Also use fire outside of the designated area

please do not.


Observation bath

--Great view bathroom -


<Place  Place> Inside the administration building

<Usage time> 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Relax in the hot water while gazing at the magnificent Sea of Japan.


* You cannot choose a large bath or a small bath.

* Except for July / August and Golden Week

If you wish to use it during the period of

Inquire in advance whether or not it can be used

Please give me.


  Power supply

-Power supply-

There is no dedicated power supply.

It will be pulled from an external power supply with an extension cord. (A fee of 560 yen will be charged per place per night)


※ cord reel is subject to availability

increase. If you do not bring it, please make a reservation

Please tell us.




There is also a toilet on the campsite.

* Customers using the site jointly

Clean as you will use it

Please use it .

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