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Introducing the cabinprice

Price list

High fee

*​ Saturday * The day before public holidays * Golden Week * July 21st-August 31st * December 29th-January 3rd

​Weekday charges  April-October

1 person 8,300 yen 2 people 12,100 yen 3 people 16,900 yen 4 people 19,700 yen 5 people 21,000 yen
​ 6 people 22,100 yen

1 person 7,800 yen 2 people 10,700 yen 3 people 14,400 yen 4 people 16,700 yen 5 people 17,900 yen
​ 6 people 20,600 yen

​Weekday rates November-March

1 person 7,800 yen 2 people 10,200 yen 3 people 12,700 yen 4 people 15,300 yen 5 people 17,500 yen
​ 6 people 19,900 yen

*Saturday * The day before public holidays * Golden Week * July 21st-August 31st * December 29th-January 3rd
High rates will be charged on the above days and periods.
* The target date for the 2022 Golden Week fee is from April 28th.
It's between May 5th. Weekday charges apply on the 6th.

​Beautification cooperation fee

Those who dispose of garbage at the facility are charged a beautification cooperation fee of 200 yen per building.
Those who stay consecutive nights will be charged 200 yen only on the first day.

※Payment will be only in cash

Cabin A type

Buildings 1 to 7 and 15 are spacious A-type buildings that lead to the living-dining room immediately from the entrance.

In addition, buildings 1 to 6 can be accessed from the next building by opening the terrace partition, and you can enjoy barbecue in the front yard.


Cabin B type

Buildings 8 to 14 are B type made from the entrance to the living and dining room through the corridor.

There is a garden next to the cabin where you can enjoy barbecue.


​* Cabin designation is not accepted.





・ Gas stand , microwave oven , refrigerator

・ Electric rice cooker・ Electric kettle

・ Knife, cutting board, peeler

・ Cooking utensils such as pots and frying pans

・ Tableware set for 6 people

・ Dishwashing liquid / sponge

* No seasoning is provided

So please bring it with you.


  The bedroom



・ Beds (2 on the 1st floor, 2 on the 2nd floor)

・ Bed pad (6 sheets)

・ Comforter (6 sheets)

・ Blanket (6 sheets) * Winter


* Two sofas in the living room

Can also be used as a bed






・ Rinse in shampoo

·Body soap

・ Bath mat ・ Undressing basket


* Bath towel / face

Please bring your own towel.





・ Washlet

·Toilet Paper





・ TV / air conditioner / vacuum cleaner

・ Sofa bed / ashtray

・ Slippers (winter only)


・ Fire extinguisher

Precautions when using

Check-in is at 15:00 and check-out is at 10:00 the next morning.

・ If there is a change in the number of reservations, please contact us by the day before. again,

If the number of users increases, we will charge a fee according to the number of people.

・ Credit cards cannot be used. Payment is cash only .

・ Please bring your own toiletries, toothbrush, towels and pajamas.

・ If you pay the beautification cooperation fee of 200 yen, you will be given two garbage bags, so please take the garbage out to the designated place in the facility.

・ Children under 6 years old who do not use the bed alone are free of charge.

・ The maximum number of people in one building is 6 people, and 2 buildings for 6 people or more.

※Prohibited matter※

◆ Pets to accompany the facility

Charcoal barbecue indoors or on the terrace

(Bonfire is also not possible)

◆ Fireworks on the park grounds

Acts that cause inconvenience to other customers.

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